CO-CONTRACTING. The SME located in Crépand, next to Montbard (Côte-d'Or), sells its know-how to the local Metal’Valley corporations.

The company is looking to expand geographically and to diversify its clientele, in order to reach a critical size. Investments and recruiting follow.

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Vincent Stenger, who purchased the company Meirs in November 2008, cannot be fooled so easily. He does not like the word subcontracting, and prefers to speak about "contribution of skills".

He is quite convincing when he evokes his different activities. "We are active in four fields which require a very high level of technical expertise", he explains.

For the Vallourec corporation and its Metal’Valley subsidiaries, Meirs performs precision machining and parts repair by adding material then retooling.

His customers list includes Valti, Valinox Nucléaire, Valtimet and Salzgitter Mannesmann, all located in Montbard and specialized in tube manufacturing. Meirs also manufactures accessories for non-destructive control.

"We also perform studies for the design of specific machines and tools, and we benefit from a patent whose first application is presently in progress at one of our customers", Stenger adds.

The 48 year-old man, who has a degree in nuclear engineering and a post-graduate diploma in physics, took advantage of a great opportunity by purchasing this SME (1,3 million of turnover, 10 employees) created in 1988 by a former Vallourec metal worker.

The sirens of independence

"Our know-how is very specific and does not apply to mass production", he explains. On this solid base, he multiplies innovative developments.

A 300 000 € investment allowed him to strengthen his equipment park with the addition of a special electro-erosion machine and a CNC lathe.

Two new recruits will strengthen the staff within 2 years, because Vincent Stenger wants to diversify his clientele and expand his activity in the Northern Côte-d'Or. And why not also use external growth?

Former project manager, then production manager at Thomson Genlis, site today dismantled, he knows how to maneuver.

"If I acquired a company, it is because I did not want to execute often absurd orders any more, and instead establish my own little world where I could express myself freely ", Stenger adds.

His example is not unique, senior executives in their fifties are very often attracted by the sirens, considered more virtuous, of independence.

Article to be read also in “Entreprises et Performances”, 16th edition, business magazine common to the “Bien Public” and the “Journal de Saône-et-Loire”, edited in cooperation with the journalists of “Traces Ecrites”.

Picture credit: Meirs

Un grand merci à Gérard Auvergne, patron de la société SBM, d'avoir retravaillé toute la traduction avec beaucoup de coeur à l'ouvrage et pas mal de sueur aussi, tellement de nombreuses tournures de phrases en français n'ont pas d'équivalent dans la langue de Shakespeare.

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